Masterfile 15
Quality Management


[R15-003 / Issue 3 / 220325]

IKO PLC Customer Complaint Form

In accordance with QA Policy M15-003 / M15-015; when communicating with the ‘customer’ and other external stakeholders, please ensure that you do not do anything (written or verbal) that prejudices the position of IKO and that of our Insurer. Information should not be given to the customer that justifies the complaint, and until such time as an investigation has been concluded and formally communicated, IKO accept no liability whatsoever, even where we may contribute to a solution in the best interest of all parties.

1 – IKO Details and Site Details
2 – Visit / Observation / Notification
3 – Customer Details
4 – Material Details
5 – Type of Complaint
6 – Cause of Complaint and Description
7 – Instigators View of Complaint
8 – Photographic Evidence
9 – Submit Complaint


*Required form field